How to Carve Out a Winning Instagram Marketing Campaign

Instagram has been widely favored as a platform of choice by marketers because of its distinctive demographics, it’s high number of monthly active users, and its level of engagement that is much superior to the rest of the social media networks. While plenty of businesses have chalked out their Instagram marketing strategies, there are lots of others that are still to figure out how they should progress to develop a marketing strategy that will give them an edge. Some practical and effective tips:

Launch the Marketing Campaign at the Right Time

Your Instagram marketing campaign should perfectly align with the business’s larger objectives and goals. Unless you can launch your Instagram marketing campaign at a time when users are going to be really receptive to your posts, your campaign may just fall flat and return a negative ROI. Typically, a good time to kick off your Instagram campaign is when the business is going to make a new product launch or make a very important announcement.

Set Campaign Objectives That Are Clearly Defined and Measurable

To know whether your marketing campaign is successful, you need to first define what you are intending to achieve. It is only when that your goals can be measured objectively, that you will know if you are succeeding or not. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to prioritize improvements in your campaign unless you have defined very specific goals to start off with. When you know where you have to reach, you can tweak the process to achieve it in the quickest possible time. Also, clear measurable campaign parameters like the number of real Instagram likes give everyone associated with the business a tangible goal to aspire to.

Obtain Target Audience Feedback to Devise and Improve Your Campaign

As with all marketing campaigns, a large part of the success lies in how much you have been able to understand what your customer wants and what his aspirations are. Even though you may have a very good product or service, you will be able to achieve real marketing success only if you take the trouble of talking to your potential customers to find out what they are looking to get. Also, eliciting feedback from customers of competitors can tell you where the market gaps are that can be addressed by you.

Test Various Types of Content for Campaign Optimization

The format in which the content is delivered to users is critical for ensuring a high level of engagement. Without assuming that users like something more than anything else, it can be more productive to test out which type of content is liked better by users. Since Instagram offers various formats like photos, videos, carousel, Stories as well as Live Video, you can give your marketing campaign a bigger momentum by choosing the right format mix.


For your Instagram marketing campaign to have the maximum impact, you should know the best time to launch it, set measurable campaign objectives, obtain user feedback as well as select the most appropriate mix of content format.

Essential Benefits of Using Instagram

To reach the maximum audience count, social media network works the best. Today, Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms that can create visual content for the users. You know it very well that the visual representation of anything can make the maximum impact on the viewers. While posing the benefits of any product, if you can show it with visual content, people understand it better. There is no other platform better than Instagram where you get a clear visual presentation of the products. Promoting your offerings with the help of an SEO expert who is also into SMO can fetch your enough popularity.

The importance of visual social media has become more intense and become immensely effective to turn your small business into a large one. Once you are on Instagram, you can be sure of creating more fans and followers for your businesses. Are you setting up your business for the first time? Now, you can know the benefits before taking your first step into social media marketing. Read on to know more.

  1. Instagram can Increase Engagement

You should increase your contact through Instagram to get more views on your posts. Once you post anything, it gets liked and shared by many of your followers for Instagram and thus, the number of target consumers increase faster. You can get more potential customer among them.

  1. Know the Preference of Your Customer

Once you get connected to people through Instagram, you are able to check their comments on your post. Through that, you get to know whether they are liking your products or not. They will also give opinions to bring the potential changes in the product. Thus, you can make your business bigger and better. For example, if you have a restaurant, you can share the pictures of dining arrangement, special cuisines, etc. Once people love anything, they will share the pictures so that many will know and visit your restaurant.

  1. Build Trust and Personality

This is one of the essential benefits of using Instagram for marketing strategies. Once you serve your customer, you make an emotional connection with him/her. When the same person recommends someone to buy from you or visit your store again, you greet him or her with a warm heart and that connection is possible through Instagram. Once trust is built, you can grow more and more.

  1. Bring More Traffic

This is the most important activity done by every social media network and Instagram is no exception. Once you connect your Instagram posts with Facebook and Twitter, you can’t imagine how big a market you are getting to display your products. Once you are truly active on social media, you can get more potential customers for your product.

  1. Make New Audience

Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach the target audience and identify who they are. But, there are many other things that it does. You can build new target consumer through Instagram. Maybe, you are a florist and the youth are your target consumer. How will it feel if you get an elderly customer who wants to gift flowers on her anniversary?

These are the benefits that you can get once you are active on social media network, especially on Instagram.

15 of the Best Kept Digital Marketing Secrets

Digital marketing is the gateway to the marketing world and real face of this digital world. The phenomenon of digital marketing is becoming more and more popular with the passage of every day as it includes all the tools of marketing from advanced local seo services for small businesses to UX web design. But there are a lot of secrets still needed to unfold and discover by the professionals. Marketing trends are changing rapidly and pushing the boundaries. If you want to become successful and want to go to distance as the digital marketer, you need to know the following secrets of the digital marketing.

Visual analytics

One of the most effective and best kept secret tools of digital marketing is visual analytics. Visual analytics tool has helped countless organizations to perform well when it comes to the marketing. Visual analytics provide you the virtual analysis, it allows you to monitor where the user leaves, where the user has lost his interest and what are limitations of your business.

Instagram Stories:

Instagarm is considered the more sophisticated place as compare to other apps. A large number of people have started to use Instagram, earlier this year Instagram has introduced the revolutionary feature called stories. If you are a digital marketer or a business organization, share your stories on Instagram and attract the millions of people.

Facebook Live:

Different organizations have conducted the multiple surveys. According to Cisco Forecast a well-known organization “69% of the data traffic is coming through the video in 2017”. In 2018 these numbers will cross the 80%. Facebook has capitalized on these statistics and launched the facebook live app feature for online video interaction. A lot of business organizations and famous celebrities, around the globe are using this feature to spread their message. If you have yet to use facebook live app, then start using it right now. It will connect you to the whole world.

Marketing Though Pinterest:

Another best-kept secret tool of digital marketing is Pinterest. Many business organizations and people are using this glamorous platform. Many business organizations are using this image-based site to generate high traffic. If you are new to digital marketing, then start using the image based marketing techniques. Pinterest can be the real competitive advantage for your business.

Approaching Influencer:

Influencers are social media pros who used blog posts and creates viral stories, in order to increase the followers. They enjoy the huge fan following on social media. Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular, this is the process where business organizations get in touch with influencers and ask them to generate online traffic for the products. If you are not using influencer marketing tactics, then start using it right now.

Content Marketing Paired with Local SEO:

Content is the king no matter what, you can never underestimate the importance of content paired with good local SEO techniques. Come up with precise, accurate, stand out and eye-catching content and witness the changes in your fortunes. A worthy product and services description can earn the customer’s loyalty. So hire a creative writer for your business who is well-versed in local SEO.

Video Marketing:

Another effective tool of digital marketing is to introduce your brand to your consumers, through video. There are multiple platforms where you can reach out to your customers through the video message. Create an interesting video campaign and upload your campaign on snap chat, Instagram, you tube, facebook, and twitter.


Infograpihcs are nothing but a catalysts of success, most people have the natural interest for pictures. Apart from that, pictures can have the everlasting impact on people’s mind. Pictures can make your content more effective, proficient and more shareable. Infograpihcs have increased the engagement ratio up to 300%, which is beyond epic. So stop beating around the bush and go for Infograpihcs.

Email Marketing:


It may seem naive, but email marketing still has a role to play in this digital age. The majority of people don’t have the time to pay attention to detail when it comes to social media. In order to attract those people, email is the absolute choice. You can create an emotional and interesting newsletter about your business and share it with people. Remember, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing.

Web design and Development:

Digital marketing is all about online marketing. So if you don’t have the online identity you are doomed. That’s why a user-friendly website is must for the success. Hire a professional designer and web developer. Create a website that is not only user-friendly but also responsive to mobiles and tabs also.

Hiring Media Advertisement Agencies:

There are lots of media agencies who are proficient in digital marketing and can be the biggest competitive advantage. So do not try to be a jack of all trades and hire the media agency. People are unaware of the fact that these media agencies have equipped themselves with the latest technology. Media agencies have all the experts of their disposal, who can perform the digital marketing on your behalf.

SEO Optimization:

S.E.O optimization is another secret and important component of digital marketing. Hire an experienced S.E.O professional. The search engine optimization will not only increase your brand’s ranking and visibility on Google. SEO will build strong and credible links those will not flag away.

Logo Designing:

Logo designing is another secret weapon, the logo represents the slogan of your business. When you talk about digital marketing, you talk about the presence of your brand on social media and on digital media platforms. Simply the logo is your brand’s presence on these forums.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is a most powerful tool of digital marketing, which enables a business organization to leave their mark on all the possible social media websites. That’s why every business, no matter how big or small should pay attention to social media marketing.

Television Ads:

Digital media is not all about social media, TV is also part of digital media. So you must hire an advertising agency to create and run ads for your business on TV.

New Options for Theme Support

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