New Options for Avada Theme Support

Avada WordPress theme, with over 300,000 active users, is by far the best-selling premium WordPress theme ever sold. With that many active users, there is an increasing variety of Avada Theme Support options for site owners who are searching for more than just the basic theme support, especially considering the new Avada support scheme.

For users who need or want more than just the basic and time-consuming support ticket system, there are now a number of concierge Avada support sites such as Avada Experts. Some of these sites will provide support over the phone or with live chat, resolving most customization and conflict issues while the client waits. (more…)

Selecting the Right WordPress Theme for You

thousands-wordpress-themesThe sheer number of WordPress sites available can make selecting the right one for your website frustrating and overwhelming. Choosing a theme is a commitment, with a significant investment in time and money to get it right. As your website is often the first impression you will make with a potential client, selecting the right theme can be the difference between online success and failure.

Here is a guide to help you make the right choice, with some help by the WordPress theme marketplace at (more…)

5 Reasons to Hire a Web Design Professional for Your Website

web-design-thumbTo be competitive in the digital age, every business in every segment must have a professional digital presence, and this starts with a quality business website. The internet is now the leading resource for finding information, and the majority of internet searches are for business research. We asked our friends and professional web designers at Akeaweb why a professional website is so crucial to success. (more…)