Best HD DVR Dash Cam, And Why You Might Want One 1

If there’s one reason to have the Best HD DVR Dash, Cam, you can get your hot hands-on, it’s to capture the everyday absurdities of life. Look at our Russian brothers and sisters. There’s practically an entire genre of YouTube videos out there now because of the Russian’s heavy use of Dashcams.

Some of the more boring reasons to have a dashcam include things like having a record of an accident, getting out of tickets, avoiding insurance fraud from others. Sadly, no insurance discounts are available. It’s the sort of thing that you’re only glad you have when you need it.

So, don’t let the insane, wide world pass you by while you motor. Here is a list of the best examples of an HD DVR Dash Cam that I could find.

The Best examples of an HD DVR Dash Cam

This mid-range unit comes in at $90. An important feature is to make sure you capture accidents and not hours of boring video footage where nothing happens. The G-sensor monitors for vibrations from either shaking while parked or accidents in motion variancetv. The field of vision is wide, including being able to see adjacent lanes of traffic.

The best Dashcam as voted in by Wirecutter Magazine. The Z-Edge features a very crisp and clear CMOS sensor — that means you can pick up on license plates. Unlike the AusDom, this unit doesn’t automatically stay on unless you leave it plugged in with the cigarette lighter adapter. Finally, we can get a good range of bright and dark, so you don’t miss a thing.

A refreshing design compared to the rest of the lot. The body of the camera fits more into the contours of the windshield. This makes it sleek, and discreet. Who knows how people react during an accident unless you record them! The Local also features high resolution 1080p at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second. It also includes night vision!

12 Megapixels, 1080p at 30 frames per second. This means you get 4.7 hours for the 32 GB card. So many acronyms and letters! Trust me, these letters and numbers add up to a good story. The one thing that stands out about this unit is that it is tiny! It’s just 3 inches across and is just so small. That means discretion which is something we want in a camera.

Do you want to throw discretion out the window? Then get this giant, honking gleaming silver unit. It’s also more affordably priced and features many of the same features mentioned. However, keep in mind that this unit doesn’t have any directions included in the box. If you are tech-savvy and don’t need any stinking manuals, then get this one. Otherwise, look at the rest of the units we review here.

This reasonably priced HD DVR Dash Cam has one special feature about it. Well, more like 3. First, It replaces the mirror you have already by covering it up. It doesn’t replace the mirror, rather the entire unit’s clamps on to the existing mirror.

It’s helpful to have a preview but its right in the mirror. The cable that leads from the unit to the outlet is almost 11 feet long. That’s long. It also features an interior facing the camera. Did I mention that? There are two cameras, one interior and one exterior facing. There are a night vision and speaker/microphones for recording late-night hijinks while you take road trips.

A fairly standard mid-level offering for a dashcam. Nothing stands out about this unit other than that you can set the resolution from 1.3 Megapixels to 12 Megapixels.

This is the most affordable unit. It’s bare-bones for most features. It does have good resolution and night vision myadpcard. Most users talk about a solidly built camera but that’s all you get. Nog-shock sensors and it runs when the car does. Still, for $25, it’s hard to beat.

Another entry from the sci-fi look. If you want distinct looking, this is it! It also features WIFI interfaces for your tablet or smartphone. With this, you can download videos directly without having to swap out an sd card. That feature alone makes it worthwhile!

Good, solid mid-range unit for under $60. You get night vision, you get the super compact size and wide dynamic range lens. You also get a 3-year warranty, which is quite a long time!

Compilation of Assorted Flowers 26

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Do you Know About Orthopedic Plates? 15

Fixation of fractures by Bone screw and plates has undergone design modifications and improvements during current years. The tension band principle in non-unions and the fixation of fractures was applied by Friedrich Pauwels for the 1st time. This principle of engineering applies to the change of tensile forces to compression forces on the convex side of an eccentrically loaded bone. This can be done by placing a tension band (bone plate) across the fracture on the tension (or convex) side of the bone. Tensile forces are counteracted by the tension band at this site and changed into compressive forces. If the plate is applied to the compression (or concave) side of the bone, it’s possible to bend, fatigue, and not pass. Therefore, a basic principle of tension band plating is that it must be applied to the tension side of the bone so the bone itself can receive the compressive forces.

Plates offer the benefits of anatomic reduction of the fracture with open techniques and stability for the primary function of muscle-tendon units and joints, however they need to be secured from premature weight bearing. Disadvantages of the plate fixation include stress protection and osteoporosis below a plate, the bone refracture risk after their removal, plate irritation, and in some rare cases an immunologic reaction. Plates neutralize deforming forces that may not be counteracted by solely screws. Plates require countering to keep the optimum stability of the fracture reduction. The application of the bone screws is also critical as a result of inappropriate sequence or location will result in displacement or shear and loss of reduction.

Also Read: What Is Orthopedics And Orthopedic Surgery?

A researcher named Danis was the first person to style and use a rigid longitudinal compression system that ends up in the healing of fractures without the formation of a visible callus. This sort of standard rigid plating promotes main healing through the direct compression of the plate to bone by or without a removable compressor and is now called the AO/ASIF technique (ASIF: Association for the study of internal fixation). These techniques rely upon the axial force generated by the insertion torque of spherical screw heads to compress the plate to the bone. It should be noted that not all plating devices rely upon this technique of compression. For instance, in the case of comminuted fractures, lag screws offer the essential compression through the obtaining the distal bone fragment.

Although inherently stable, DCPs even have some major disadvantages. These are: the harm caused to vascular tissue adjacent to the bone, the bending required before surgical insertion, and most significant is stress shielding in the underlying bone. some researchers advise that necrosis related to vascular insufficiency, due to the appliance of bone plates, is the primary cause of increased bone porosity. So, to decrease the harm of soft tissue, researchers sought the usage of plating devices which limit the part of contact between the plate and bone. A variation of the DCP, called the LC-DCP or locked-compression DCP systems offers stability through locked tapered screw heads whereas limiting the contact part of plate-bone. Another technique usually used to reduce stress shielding is to limit the distinction between plate and bone rigidities utilizing more flexible plating materials.

Early implants mostly consisted of stainless-steel. Interesting to notice that there is still much debate between the usage of fully rigid systems and systems with increased material flexibility. Some researchers trust that a small volume of micro-motion at the fracture site encourages more rapid fracture healing as a combination of primary and secondary healing can be done in this case. As it is a well-accepted concept, flexural rigidity relies on both on the material properties and cross-sectional part of the plating device. In terms of materials, less rigid titanium alloy devices with multiplied resistance to corrosion have proven to be helpful and are slowly commencing to replace devices of stainless-steel that previously dominated the market. The experimental proof discloses an increasing trend towards the over-all acceptance of more flexible systems, because the level of stress shielding is reduced.

Specific plate designs include tubular plates, dynamic compression plates (DCP), spoon plates, T and L plates, , large fragment locking plates, reconstruction plates, locking compression plates (LCP), distal tibia plate, locking compression plates (LCP), limited contact DCP (LC-LCP). The various different designs and kinds of plates can be grouped functionally into four categories:

Compression plates, buttress plates, neutralization plates, and bridge plates.

Neutralization plates do not seem to be a specific type of plates; however neutralization refers to how a plate functions in fixation of the fracture. A neutralization plate decreases the loading forces on a fracture by spanning the fracture and transferring the loading forces by the plate instead of through the site of the fracture. Neutralization plates are utilized in conjunction with inter-fragmentary fixation of the screw and neutralize torsional, shear forces, and bending. These are normally used in a fracture with wedge-type or butterfly fragment after interfragmentary screw fixation of the fracture’s wedge part. Plate’s stability is considerably improved by the interfragmentary screw. Common fractures fastened with neutralization plates are wedge fractures of the ulna, radius, humerus, and fibula.

Compression plates are indicated to use compression to fractures. The standard compression plate is mostly stated as a dynamic compression plate (DCP), that is a misnomer since these plates offer static compression to a fracture. The plate holes have sloped edges on the side of the hole distal from the fracture. A bone screw can be inserted within the hole at the end that is close to the fracture. This will lock the plate to the bone without moving the bone in respect to the plate. This is how the bone screw on the right of the orthopedic bone plate was inserted. The bone screws on the left side of the plate are inserted at the far end of the hole with the shank of screw touching the far hole end. As the screw is inserted, the head will be enforced to the right by the slope in the hole, making the bone in motion and its hooked up screw towards the fracture compressing.

Buttress plates are used to rigidly hold in place fractures at the tip of long bones, particularly at the ankle and knee, where the site of fracture experiences large compressive and other kind of forces. In order to offer suitable fixation, these plates are broadened and carefully contoured at joint end of the bone plate. That’s why, the buttress plates are denoted to as peri-articular plates. The periarticular surfaces of long bone are complex with numerous surfaces at each joint. Buttress plates are contoured to a surface (anterior, lateral, medial, etc.), and numerous plate designs may be required for an individual peri-articular region. There are several buttress plates, and some of the more common configurations are T-shaped, L-shaped, and bulbous end shaped plates. The contoured, periarticular part of the plate offers a three-dimensional configuration to these plates. Compression plates negate bending, torsional, shear forces and create compression across the place of fracture either through particularly designed self-compression holes within the design of dynamic compression plate (DCP). These holes exert compression through plate’s translation because the screw engages it. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd is one of the top orthopaedic implants manufacturing Company in India. We have different type of orthopedic product such as Small Fragment Locking Implants, Hip Prosthesis, Interlocking Nails, Bone Screws, Locking Plates, Trauma Bone Plates, Multifix Tibia Nails, Intramedullary Interlocking Nails, Proximal Femoral Nailing Antirotation, Dynamic Hip Screw, Dynamic Condylar Screw, AFN Nailing System, Cannulated Screws, Large Fragment Locking Compression Plate, Mini Fragment Implants, Angled blade plates etc.

5 Must Have Features For The Taxi Booking App 6

The features of an app matter a lot. Especially while the app is providing its services in any of the on-demand business domain. It becomes crucial for the app owner to select the features of the online taxi app business. There are some core features that cannot be neglected anyhow while shifting of switching the taxi business to online.

Why is it so important to focus on only a few features more as compare to the other unique ones? There can be an argument that unique features give an exponential lift to any kind of business. But the reality is, such unique features wouldn’t be able to work efficiently without the core features. Core features are like the heart of on-demand services and without them, the service would be considered as an incomplete service.

Inclusive Real-Time Tracking

As the core features are the heart of any on-demand service app, just the way, the real-time tracking is the heart of all the features. This feature is the inspirer for the invention of on-demand technology. So the on-demand service app would be an incomplete one without real-time tracking. One more thing you need to know is, most of the features are indirectly related to the real-time tracking feature. So it would be must to include real-time tracking as a part of offered features. It is not surprising that real-time tracking is among one of the highest demanded features.

Advanced Fare Estimation

Fare estimation is another highly demanded feature for the taxi app services. The feature of fare estimation calculates the fare for the desired ride prior the booking. The fare calculations should be transparent so that the riders can have faith in it and would prefer your taxi service every time whenever they have the need for the same. The accurate fare calculation would improve the work efficacy and satisfy the riders with their presented needs. The calculation of the fare for a particular distance can be set as per the business policies of your taxi app business.

Seamless Sign Up

The procedure for registration with the app should be as easy as possible. No long forms are going to work for registration. Such a step would encourage the users to jump on any other app providing similar services. That is why the easy registration should be more focused for your uber clones. As far as the feature is a concern, the social login and sign up is an ideal option to provide. With just a single click the rider would be able to sign up with the app and whenever they would need to login into the app, a click on social media icon would do it.

Multiple Payment Facility

The rider should be never bound with a single method of payment neither should force to do so. They should be provided with the flexibility to choose the most convenient way of payment. The two possibilities to provide them are online and offline payments. The offline payment would be done in cash once after the completion of the ride. The online payment facility might be stuffed with various ways to serve the preference. Credit or debit card payments is one of the option to offer while paying from popular e-wallet also should be included in your taxi app.

Scheduled Booking Facility

The riders should be able to schedule the riders from the app. It should be their choice whether they want to ride now or later. If they are willing to schedule a ride for future, the app should be offering enough functionality to enable them to do so. Once the rider clicks on the scheduled ride option button, there should be the facility from where they can enter the date and time for which they need the ride. They should be facilitated to book the rides for the next hour, next day, next week and even for next month.

Last Few Words

Lastly, after knowing the core features that are must include in an online taxi app still neglecting it would be a fatal decision for the business. The investment for the new initiative would turn into a huge loss. Being a startup or an entrepreneur, anyone wouldn’t want to face such a situation. That is why it becomes important to focus on the core features more as compare to including more and more unique features in the app.

Instead of focusing on making your taxi app full of features, it is always better to make it a feature-rich app. Some sort of support would make it more easy for you. The support that you can get maybe from taxi app development firm that has experience of years in this domain. They can help you with getting the perfect feature-rich app along with all the desired features of yours that you want in your taxi app.

Best tips to Find Dance Studio Management Software 1

If you run a dance studio, answer this question:


How many njit software downloads applications do you use to organize your business?


You may not have got any studio management software for dancing to run your business and instead connect a range of applications such as spreadsheets, Word documents, and other individual applications to manage your business.


Dance Studio has many software needs


When split, your dance work will have many software needs including:



Payment processing

Management of staff and salaries;

Maybe you sell products and services online (e-commerce – if not, then you miss a great opportunity);

Client Connection Management;

Financial reports and sales


Sure, there are individual software applications that can serve all of the above functionality, but from my point of view, you can make your administrative and marketing roles much easier if you use an integrated software package that performs all of these tasks for you.


The problem is that there are a lot of small business programs – even programs that cater to dance studios. How to start looking for the best dance studio software for your dance studio?


6 Tips for Choosing the Best Dance Studio Management Software


  1. Select a web-based program.


The service provider hosts the web-based program. Just sign in to your online account. All your data and functions can be accessed through the Internet. This avoids hassles of downloading, installing, and then configuring the program (typical of office software).


The real advantage of web-based programs is that they can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection.


  1. Choose the all-in-one solution.


Running a variety of applications to manage your dance studio is ineffective – even when they are well integrated.


These days, there is a dance program that integrates all your business needs into a single platform. This results in a centralized database from which you can handle sales, customer management, scheduling, inventory, payroll, personnel management, marketing, and more through a single software platform.


  1. Find as many autoplay features as possible.


The program is making your life easier and saves you time. Look for a program that performs automatic operations. Activities you can do with the program include:


Online Chapter Reservations

Online purchases (including packages, lessons, workshops, membership, gift cards – whatever your pricing models)

Student self-check in

E-mail and text messages remind messages class

Create an automatic queue with e-mail messages that give notice of the openings;

Generating reports – sales, attendance in class, non-attendance, etc.


  1. Get powerful scheduling capabilities.


The business model of your dance studio revolves around its agenda. Without great scheduling programs, you spend too much time to manage your schedule.

There are 3 types of scheduling involved:

Create a schedule for the central dance class: How many sites do you have your dance schedule for now? On your website (on many web pages), in your studio – maybe many places that if not centrally in one place, makes changing your schedule of trouble. Look for a schedule where you only need to perform reviews on a single website that feeds changes to all websites published electronically.

Appointment reservations and class subscriptions: Look for the Dance Studio Management program that allows students to register online for classes. This takes you out of the booking process.

Scheduling staff / teachers: Make central staff scheduling easy It is easy for you to manage all the complexities of scheduling your employees – especially if you have many trainers.



Marketing is the always booming industry irrespective of the rise and decline of many industries. Even small and medium scale industries make their strategies for marketing to sell their products and services. They seek the help of digital marketing experts who possess different teams for website development, maintenance, app development, web hosting, search engine optimization, social media optimization and so on.

The following are concurrent challenges faced by digital marketers in promoting a website and an organization need to face these challenges in every phase of their growth.

Hiring talented persons and developing a good and sound team is the basic and common requirement. It may take many months to pick up the right one but the organization needs to continuously search for a team manager or an influential person to monitor the progress or involve in the effective execution or implementation of planning strategies.

Team Management is the next one after hiring talented personalities. The team needs to focus on new marketing strategies and also to maintain the existing client service.

  • This would develop interest among the local clients and develop new exposure to face the competitors.
  • Training a team is always an internal challenge as it is the initial stage process such that new ones should orient with the already existing members quickly for a fast process.
  • A team needs to be developed in a specific pattern. For example, one SEO for one content writer for one site. This might be a basic strategy in digital marketing.

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Quality Content needs no marketing at all. A content that satisfies the user’s needs and meets the requirements of a reader will be appraised always regardless of the age of a site. It needs only minimal promotion. A good understanding of what you are going to promote is needed before writing content.

Whom you are targeting is a basic factor in digital marketing. Your content should be modified according to the audience you are targeting, whether it is the local audience or international. Based on the taste of the focused audience, your marketing strategy varies. buy twitch followers

Budget Constraint is a major factor for small companies as they have to schedule and plan. It is said to be the most critical challenge of all. For a diversified marketing strategy, you need to invest accordingly. You may approach for sponsors or partners in dealing with this issue.

Website Management is the next challenge being faced by marketers as it is much needed to develop and maintain a beautiful and attractive website in order to catch hold of the readers and also to visit their blogs again. Apart from quality writing, the maintenance and changes in the design and orientation of websites is a prominent strategy. Mobile optimised web services are also recommended.

Right Technologies identification is another big concern among the marketers. For the spread of emails, social media messages within a second, it is highly needed to know the technologies and keep themselves updated. All the computer and accessories needed to be upgraded according to the existing scenario to compete with your rivals effectively.

Targeting Clients is the final challenge once you are contented with all the above challenges. Quoting for the service you provide is critical in attracting clients and this challenge comes under managerial aspects.

Rich SEO is a digital marketing agency facing the above challenges and successfully running in India with an exposure from local to foreign clients.

How New Instagram Users Can Squeeze the Most out of this Platform 6

Are you new in the ‘streets’ of Instagram? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. ‘Join Instagram, you will definitely have fun’, they said. Once you sign up and follow them, they leave you wondering what to do next. We have all been there at some point, even those ‘bigwigs’ who may at this point troll you with the term ‘newbie’. Here are some quick guides to what is going on around here.

Getting Started

Once you have signed up, you need to get things rolling. Otherwise, you might feel like a stranger. The first thing you should do is to edit your profile. A personalized profile looks better and attracts more Instagram followers more than the standard blank avatar. Next, you need to link your account to your Facebook account. This way, you will get suggestions on possible new followers.

Follow your Facebook friends in the suggestions link at the top of your profile page. They will follow back and you will be getting somewhere. Follow as many people as you can to put yourself out there. Avoid that private user setting. You are new to Instagram and it’s off-putting, especially for ‘newbies’. You can also invite friends to join Instagram and follow you via the linked accounts. For push notifications, I think you need them activated at this point.

Posting and boosting interactions

Posting pictures are the whole thing over here if you asked anyone. In your post, try using hashtags in the description to enable you to get more likes. You should also tag as many people as possible in your photo. This will give you good exposure to potential followers. For Instagram, your post should be interesting. Otherwise, they will be ignored. You then start feeling that your followers are snobs.


You should try out all the features of Instagram. They are there for you. On the top left part of your timeline, there is a ‘your story’ icon that you can use to post a status or short videos that disappear in 24 hours. On the right, there lies an icon for direct messages. You can get in touch with your Instagram followers privately to share photos and texts.

The other nice thing is, if you swipe right, you will get options on how to live stream your activities that will be viewed by your followers. In the settings section, you can always select who sees your Instagram stories and live streams. On the explore section of the application, you can search for users, hashtags, and places to see posts and expand your follower base.


You will find that these are just but a scratch of the whole Instagram experience. Most of your Instagram followers use these same features most of the time. This is how to have the ‘fun’ you were looking for when you joined ‘the Gram’ as urban youth call it. Go on. Have fun.

Why Businessmen should take advantage of WordPress and Instagram Plugins! 2

Combining WordPress and Instagram is like combining two different ingredients to make a recipe.  Both WordPress and Instagram are unique and have their special features, but when these are combined, new wonders can be created.  So, it is tested for your talent.  WordPress is a platform which simplifies blogging or posting articles or messages.  On the other hand, Instagram provides photo or video sharing facility.  You can improve your blogs or posts by adding related photos or videos to your posts. There is an old proverb that “Pictures or images speak more than words.”

One more benefit of using Instagram photos is that you can make your blog or post very attractive as it will be very colorful.  Both WordPress and Instagram can be clubbed by using WordPress plugins.  Now, as you know, plugins are those software’s or applications which enable you to do some functions.  When you can’t add the whole software package related to some process, then adding a plugin will solve the purpose.  Just because plugins are available and your friend is downloading, you should not do it. Unnecessary plugins will consume your system’s space and may make it very slow.  Your system may get confused by having so many plugins, and it may not function properly.  So, to avoid these problems, you should add plugins that you require to solve your problems on systems.

How does this WordPress Plugin function?

The WordPress plugins use the photos collection from an Instagram account holder and display it.  So, whenever you have decided to use a plugin, you need to set it up initially.  You have to select a user account from which you wish to import photos. You need to provide details like how many times you will be importing the photos when you will be doing it etc.  Now an Instagram photo feeds should be inserted in your posts and web pages.  It may also be displayed on the sidebar of your website.  Now, what is this photo feed?  A photo feed is a type of web fee which provides facilities for formatting an image.  You can add title, date, and particulars along with your image.

These plugins come free of cost on a premium basis.  Normally whatever comes free of cost will not support completely.  Only certain part of the application which is required is provided.  When you choose premium WordPress plugins, then you will have to pay for the Plugins, and there is 100% surety of getting a complete application.  For instance, when you download a game for free, the game downloaded can be played only for a certain period, but when you pay for the game, you get the complete version of the game, and you can own the own it and play it for an unlimited period.

The benefits a person gets by using WordPress Instagram Plugins cannot be calculated.  But a businessman will always benefit by using this plugin. He/She can make use of these plugins to improve their revenue levels as attractive photos or images attract many users than words.

Some of the WordPress Instagram Plugins helpful for people doing business are:

  • Instagram Feed: It is familiar in the business circle. This plugin gives the option of creating multiple feeds that can be used on your website. Different photos from infinite accounts can be displayed in each feed. This way, you can continually display the photos and attract your website user. Further, this plugin allows you to edit your photos or images like height, width, and brightness of the image.  Being so special, these plugins are updated on a regular basis to meet the requirement of the general public.


  • Enjoy Instagram: If you are marketing some product, definitely you require a platform where you can provide more content along with good images. This plugin facilitates you by providing options to manage your content, i.e., how it is displayed on the website, etc.  You can import content from user accounts (specific) and hashtags.  This plugin helps you in integrating social media also which is very important for any business.  Not only content but also images or videos can also be imported using this plugin. Along with importing, you can edit the images and post them.


  • Grace: It is one of the Instagram WordPress plugins which is liked by the users at large. Being easy to activate, you can choose from which user account, you want to import photos. The features of this login are that you can display photos/videos liked by specific users. You can bifurcate by user accounts, locations, hashtags, and photos/videos.  This helps in your market analysis job, and you will be able to know how many are viewing your collection or making use of your information.


  • Flexi Instagram Feed: Normally when you are planning on your images should be displayed on your website, this plugin helps a lot. Along with formatting of grids and gallery formats, the Polaroid layout can be made use of to display the images. The animation effects facility of this plugin can be utilized. This helps to attract the user.  If you want something more than a normal plugin, this plugin proves to be the best.


Normally, managing a website is a talent.  I don’t say it is impossible, but a little difficult for a person who has to concentrate on many issues in business.  So, opting for professional services is the best solution. Gramblast is a professional service provider who believes in guiding and assisting you to achieve maximum returns in your business.  Managing a website is a continuous process and that too if you are a businessman and are doing marketing, then compulsory updating of your site is a must.  To keep your customers busy with your content, you need to provide quality information.  This sort of job requires creativity and talent of managing things irrespective of the situation.  A professional service provider normally tries to combine technology with the requirement.  He also plans how to make the best use of the available technology, and Gramblast has proven results in its account.

Email Marketing and Instagram Are Two Perfect Partners in Success 6

It is about time that email marketers understood and acknowledged the actual potential of Instagram. It is a fact that Instagram actually is delivering 120 times more customer engagement as compared to Twitter and also 58 times more customer engagement as compared to Facebook.

Therefore, it is not surprising that for offering consumers with high-quality relevant content today, marketers are consistently leveraging social media and integrating email marketing campaigns with Instagram and other social media platforms. As per a survey that was conducted by a reputed email marketing platform, almost one-third of the total marketers seem to be combining or integrating these two marketing platforms.

However, sadly the majority of such integrations have actually been on an elementary stage. For instance, while 76 percent of the emails are known to incorporate social media buttons, only about 14 percent of them are being actually optimized with social media pictures. Even though Instagram is regarded as an effective medium for brands, only 3 percent of the times, Instagram pictures are utilized within the emails. You could buy real Instagram likes for boosting traffic and achieve more and more followers.

For the layman, Email marketing and Instagram may seem to be two distinct platforms. However, when you come across brands that have started integrating Instagram pictures within their emails, you could see a clear difference and the benefits are pretty obvious.

Instagram Is an Unexploited Treasure House of Pictures

While Instagram has been responsible for generating fabulous levels of engagement and its content has been successfully and frequently shared by brands, some marketers are actually underutilizing these stunning Instagram visuals within emails. These marketers often are seen to be still depending on Facebook for sourcing social content. However, it is high time for marketers to switch platforms.

Instagram Pictures Are Not Equal

Some Instagram characteristics are more needed than others. For instance, as per some research, Instagram filters such as Valencia, X-Pro II, and Rise would be delivering the maximum revenue/ impression very much within your e-commerce environment.

Relevance Plays a Critical Role

You could simply insert an Instagram picture into your email template and be sure to see a boost in engagement. You should think carefully while choosing the creative assets. For instance, specific themes would be resonating more as compared to others at different times. Researchers observed a boost in seasonal themes such as travel, water, and sun. You need to think hard as to what are the precise themes that would be compelling action from your target audience.


Email still is regarded as a reliable way for different brands to stay connected with their consumers. AS per certain studies around 73 percent of the total marketers including B2B and B2C have accepted the fact that email is very much an integral part of their business.  Moreover, it has been reported by Salesforce that 79 percent of all the marketers consider email design and content as the most crucial aspect of the email. Since customers are still showing a great inclination for editorial-style pictures, it would be becoming increasingly critical for brands to showcase this precise content within emails.

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What Are the Benefits of Selecting Android App Development Platform? 10

One of the most popular and fast-growing elements in the mobile app development industry is the Android app platform. Ever since the introduction of smartphones; Android has been the most accepted operating system for users across the globe. In order to survive and stand out in the competition of the modern world, smartphones have been a real help to the audience.

With the new updates in the platform along with the rising Android users, the use of Android apps has set up new records. If you run a company that deals with developing mobile apps, then making the most of this platform will benefit you in every way.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Android platform for developing your app.

Great Support for Graphics

The Android operating system provides a broad range of features for fulfilling the graphic design requirements. The graphics are streamlined on the Android platform and the features are much more splendid compared to other mobile app development platforms. If you are considering the Android platform for releasing your business app, then you can take the help of a mobile app development company in Mumbai. The Android app platform offers superior in-built support for creating the best 2D and 3D graphics that can boost the traffic on your app.


Since mobile app development has gained a strong position in the online marketing campaigns of businesses, every marketer is looking for the best ROI from their investment in mobile apps. When it comes to developing mobile apps at reasonable prices, Android platform is the go-to option. There is a wide range of Android app development tools used by the developers to build top-notch apps for your brand at competitive prices.

Secured Platform

The Android system is a secured platform that is almost identical to the Linux-based Kernel. If you are concerned with the security of your app, then Android offers an unwavering platform for building your mobile app incorporating all the security elements. The platform is user-friendly and promises a hassle-free running of apps, something which most of the business owners want to ensure. Developing your business app on Android platform makes sure that the app will not crash while using.

Excellent Integration

Integrating inner apps is an important task and requires an ideal platform for this need. Android offers such a platform that offers easy inter-app integration by providing the best flexible tools. Most of the app developers choose the Android platform for creating apps, as it delivers the top-notch performance.

Immense Popularity

As mentioned earlier, the Android platform has a massive popularity in the market. Google has made the groundwork firm in terms of app development and has made certain that the users get the best browsing experience on their mobile devices.


The Android platform offers businesses a great opportunity to feature their apps and achieve high user engagement. Not only does it help them gain popularity, but also makes their brand visible on the web. Consider the aforementioned benefits and develop your app on the Android platform for achieving new heights in your marketing campaign.