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web-design-thumbTo be competitive in the digital age, every business in every segment must have a professional digital presence, and this starts with a quality business website. The internet is now the leading resource for finding information, and the majority of internet searches are for business research. We asked our friends and professional web designers at Akeaweb why a professional website is so crucial to success.

If your business does not have a professional, quality website that communicates the product of service that you offer, you risk losing the interest and trust of visitors to your site, as well as customers to your physical store. Savvy customers today are researching and evaluating your product or company long before they ever visit a physical location or make an on line purchase. If your website does not seem credible, professional and secure, shoppers will simply move on to the next business.

While boosting sales and establishing credibility are certainly the two main reasons for having a company website, there are 5 other, important reasons for hiring a web design professional to help establish your online presence.

Functional and Effective User Interface (UI)

The appearance of your site, the navigation, display of product and information, as well as color scheme and graphic artwork are key to establishing a good first impression on potential clients. Information should be displayed clearly and simply, and your site layout should be logical, easy to use, and attractive. A professional designer understands both the creative and scientific techniques that make your website easy to use and engaging to the visitor.

Truly Custom Design

Hiring a design professional ensures that you have a website that fits your specific business and goals. By evaluating your product or service, your prospective client base and your specific online goals, they can deliver the maximum return on your marketing investment. Do you want an online store to generate additional sales? Do you want to convert online traffic into walk-in customers? Maybe you need a website to inform and demonstrate a new or unknown product or service.

Most clients of professional web design firms find that their time is more valuable when used running their business, and the small investment in professional design help actually saves time and money over a do-it-yourself website theme with limited customization and functionality.

Evolving Technology

Internet technology changes on a constant basis. What was state of the art a year ago is often outdated today. New security standards, coding techniques, and search updates are being written constantly. Using a web design professional ensures that you are getting the latest technology and the latest trends in design. Building your own website almost always guarantees that the technology you are using is out of date by the time you complete your site.

SEO Optimization

The whole reason to own a website is to get found on search. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a constantly evolving set of techniques and rules that web designers use to give your website great search results for the terms that are important to your business. Google is the king of search, and they are constantly updating their rules and regulations regarding SEO. If you want to be found in a competitive market, you need a professional that stays on top of the changing landscape to make sure your business can be found.

Continuing Website Maintenance Services

As you can see, a website is never truly “finished”. To stay ahead of technology, your website will need constant updates, maintenance and service. As your business expands, you will need more efficient design, payment processing and online store capabilities. Technology changes, and businesses that want their website to reach and remain at the top of search results must keep their websites current and updated. Using the ongoing services of a professional design service means that your web presence is constantly updated and current.

Make your website right the first time by consulting with a web professional before making any website launch plans or changes. A poorly built website could actually do more harm to your business than no website at all. For a free consultation, check out our friends at AKEA Web Solutions.

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