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Avada WordPress theme, with over 300,000 active users, is by far the best-selling premium WordPress theme ever sold. With that many active users, there is an increasing variety of Avada Theme Support options for site owners who are searching for more than just the basic theme support, especially considering the new Avada support scheme.

For users who need or want more than just the basic and time-consuming support ticket system, there are now a number of concierge Avada support sites such as Avada Experts. Some of these sites will provide support over the phone or with live chat, resolving most customization and conflict issues while the client waits.

For years, buying a licensed copy of Avada meant that you received lifetime support through ThemeFusion, the author of the theme. But starting in September of 2015, with little notice, Envato, the service arm of ThemeForest, took over theme support and began charging an extra fee. Additionally, all support offers expire after 12 months. This means that one year after a theme license is purchased, there is no ability to even purchase additional support.

Here is what ThemeFusion says:

On September 1st, 2015, Envato changed their terms and conditions for item support and introduced paid item support for Themeforest and CodeCanyon. When you purchase a theme, you will be granted an inclusive 6 months of hands on support for that item. When this expires you can choose to extend your item support for a further 6/12 months at a fee.

What this means is that there is now a market being filled for the constant need to resolve update conflicts with the Avada theme and WordPress, as well as with the large number of plugins that users rely on to make their sites work. Firms like Avada Experts fill this space by only working with and on sites using the Avada theme. From installation to customization to hosting and optimization, you can get virtually any support you need with one call or text.

About Avada:

The Avada theme is sold exclusively on ThemeForest, the largest theme seller on the web. It has been the top seller virtually since year one, due to the flexibility and number of integrated plugins included. In the last iteration, there were major changes to the theme that made it much faster and easier to use.

Of the top three premium WordPress themes, Avada has more than double the sales of numbers two and three (X-theme and Enfold).


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