3 Obscure Uses for WordPress

It’s widely known that WordPress is the CMS used for close to 1 in 5 websites on the entire internet. It’s amazing to see how far it’s grown, and how far it’s come and it’s many uses. This article will explore some of WordPress’s more obscure uses from network marketing companies like Bonvera to machine tool holder websites.

Everyone knows WordPress is dominating the blogosphere and is even making huge inroads into the e-commerce world. However, here are 3 obscure uses for WordPress that you might not have been aware of.


Network Marketing

A few years ago, a new kind of network marketing company called The Empower Network sprung up. Instead of the traditional network marketing products such as vitamins, makeup, or nutrition products, Empower sold just one thing – information.

Being that perhaps nothing allows people to post information on the web than WordPress, Empower originally built a large multi-site network as part of their product offering and  training program. Each representative got their own blog and could write articles and post a link to their blog all over the internet to help build their business.

Recently, another company called Bonvera is doing something similar. While they are far more traditional in their product offerings, they nevertheless are also using a WordPress site as the training hub for their representatives.


Obscure Industries

Believe it or not, as vast as the internet is, there are still some industries that barely have any foothold on the web (relatively speaking of course). CNC Machining is one of those industries. Taxidermy is another. A search for the keyword term “cars” brings back over 2 billion of web pages about cars whereas searching the keyword term “CNC Machine” brings back merely 7 million and “Taxidermy” brings back 10.5 million. A cursory glance through the listings of either CNC Machines or Taxidermy will allow you to quickly realize that there isn’t much information on the web about these industries as a whole.

But, even in an industry that is slow to move to the web, some sites like ToolHolderExchange.com are still using WordPress to talk about machine tool holders (whatever those are) and other aspects of machine tooling and websites like TaxidermyHobbyist exist to teach newbies how to properly skin and stuff animals.


Sharing Sheet Music

When you think about WordPress, I doubt you’ve ever thought about it in terms of Music. That is why using WP for sheet music and lyrics has made the list of obscure uses for WP.

Yep, you read that right. WordPress can now be used to share your sheet music with the world wide web. Thanks to plugins such as ChrodWP and KeyMaster Chord Notation, you can now add sheet music, lyrics, and notation to your WP site or even build a whole site around sheet music.


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